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The Rite of Spring

The Milky Way Galaxy can be seen coming out of the darkness as comets, the sun, and shooting stars pass by. Eventually, Earth is shown being born. Volcanos light up the planet as they burst with lava. Multiple volcanoes erupt. The storm worsens, and then everything goes silent.

The scene changes into a sea with green and blue microscopic organisms that split up. One fish crawls onto land, becoming the first amphibian. Gradually, dinosaurs begin to appear, living out their lives. On a cliff, Pteranodons swoop down to catch the fish below. One of them catches a fish, but it is pulled down by a Tylosaurus.

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The Pastoral Symphony
This month's featured image is the promotional image for the segment The Pastoran Symphony. Featuring unicorns, centaurs, and Pegasus, the segment has a light and colorful atmosphere, accompanied by Mozart's happy and care-free composition.

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